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After the success of the second edition of the first regenerative gastronomic festival, the launch of 1 book, 22 documentaries and 13 podcasts, Club oríGenes is born. A Club made up of 66 companies, entrepreneurs, chefs, producers, winegrowers and leaders of the food industry, and more than 1,500 people who want to promote responsible production and consumption in Spain.

Enjoy oríGenes Experience at home
(for 2 persons)

Experience includes:

– Travel passport
– 100% Iberian Bellota ham cut with knife by Anselmo Pérez
– Sobrasada by Xesc Reina
– Natural salmon belly by Carlos Piernas
– Artisan Manchego cheese by Clara Díez
– Peru Kankel Cacao Tablet by Juan Ángel Rodrigálvarez
– Grins Teide by Albert Roca
El hombre bala 2020 by Uvas Felices.

Ideal for:

* Special occasions such as anniversaries, birthdays and celebrations.
* Gourmet gifts for friends, family or colleagues.
* Authentic food lovers looking to explore new and exciting flavors.
* Create unique and memorable gastronomic experiences.



oríGenes Festival 2023 Madrid

Gastronomic experiences

Special products and events at discount prices

Tailor-made gastronomic trips in Spain

Exclusive services at sustainable restaurants


The first Gastronomic Club
with NFT membership

The number of club memberships are limited and are only available to committed individuals. Get the oríGenes Club membership with the purchase of an NFT which will give you exclusive rights.


Here and now your journey begins.


I am a food lover and want to enjoy authentic experiences and have a positive impact.

€300 a year


I am a company and I want to take my business to the next level and share my inspiring story.

€1,200 a year

What does membership include?


An exclusive experience in a historic setting

The oríGenes Festival is a unique celebration and gastronomic journey with the best producers, winemakers and artisan entrepreneurs in Spain. An experience that, so far, has taken place in the private gardens of the Palauet de Teià, a Mediterranean family palace – 20 minutes from Barcelona – from the 16th century overlooking the sea, in the middle of the forest and surrounded by vineyards. The experience lasts 8 hours where you can enjoy a tasting menu cooked live and paired with the best signature wines. In addition, there will be live music, inspirational talks in the middle of the forest and immersive workshops on the future of human food. The oríGenes Festival will celebrate its third edition this 2023 in Madrid.

Professionals and
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New Products
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In 2020, during a pandemic, experts in experience design and sustainable gastronomy led the change in the gastronomic and cultural events industry.

The oríGenes community is formed by its founding partners, Lluís Cintas (CEO) and Ana Godó (President), and a multidisciplinary team made up of designers, producers, communicators, creatives, technologists and people passionate and obsessed with creating exclusive products, services and experiences for our clients. A community with the purpose of becoming the protagonists of change in the food sector. Join us and be part of this exciting adventure in which together we transform the gastronomy industry.


An NFT is a non-fungible token, i.e. a unique, scarce and indivisible token. A token is a digital asset registered in a blockchain network that is used to receive goods and/or services. The NFT is unique because its registration in the blockchain is permanent and unalterable, allowing it to be differentiated from any other. It is scarce because the creator determines a finite and numbered number of assets. And it is indivisible because it cannot be divided into smaller parts, and therefore, it can only be bought, stored or sold.

NFT membership of oríGenes Club is purchased with a credit card, like any other online service or product. Once it has been purchased, the new member of oríGenes Club will receive an e-mail with a unique code to the NFT and access to a free wallet for viewing the NFT and accessing oríGenes Club’s exclusive services.

NFT membership in the oríGenes Club has many advantages:

  1. No physical card is required
  2. Direct access to the oríGenes Club members area, without needing a username and password.
  3. Ease and agility in the transfer
  4. Artistic value
  5. Direct access to personalized offers from oríGenes Club partners

In the oríGenes Club, the first thing you will receive at home is the Welcome Impact Box consisting of:

*Delivered solely to mainland Spain and Portugal